Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!
That's a little too many exclamation points for a boy. But I guess for a hyperactive boy who is at the moment feuled by caffeine, you can let it go. Too bad I'm not that.
This is a post cuz I just feel like posting again. And also, I had to show Lavender Hope a pic, and this was the quickest way to show her, (it's been a long eight days). So the pic that'll be somewhere on this post, is dedicated to her.
Also it's my birthday on June 25th, so that's awesome. I permit you to party all you want then. Your welcome.
Sorry... I'm really tired... Ok.... kb  sdcv                              nrtfghyujkl;ohjuygtfrrtfghyuilohyjut.
I just slammed my face down on the key board and rolled it around.
Actually, I slammed my face into the keyboard and rolled it around, but nothing happened so I used my forehead to type that nonsense up there. I'll bet you can't translate it!
now my fingure's on the z key. Or was. Yeah. It was.
Ok... this os what I write like when I'm tired. Ok, just kidding, this is what I write like when I'm tired and have nothing to write about. I could force you to do something for my birthday. I mean joke about it. But that would require me to THINK. BLINK....don't do thhgjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjbn
I did that face-keyboard-forehead thing again...
I'm hilarious to talk to when I'm half asleep. Too bad you're not talking to me.
This is and interesting 3rd post... Third... Ender Wiggin's a third...
OK whatever, I'm going to-  look here's that picture I talked about before:
I like it. I'm pretty sure there's a load of bias in that though. So if you like it, when I ask you, tell me.
Do you like it?
Nah, it doesn't matter... It's MY drawing after all. and I.. like it... a bit. I guess.
I'm sure it played a part in inspiring a story I recently started writing.
OK. I don't know how many people have read this far into the post, as it was mostly me sleeping. So to save some of my time, and those who are politely going through this, I bid you Good Night.