Sunday, 29 September 2013

What has become of me.

I'm going to share a new short story that I wrote for some contest just so that I could get myself writing again.
I realize I work best at night, not that this is any good. The hard part was to fit the whole thing into 750 words.

The darkness closed in around us. I hugged my teddy tight and waited again for the noise. I looked around, trying to see, but there was not one speck of light to help focus. The room was totally black. Teddy brushed my cheek, so I held his head. My lower lip quivered.
“Soon it will be here again.” My teddy warned. I nodded shorty. My breaths were heavy.
“Ouch,” Teddy groaned. I turned fiercely, and gasped in relief. I loosened my grip on him. The hole in his neck was still small. Shaken, I turned my fear back onto what might appear. I was so scared a quiet cry escaped me. When I shut my mouth, the cry proceeded. That’s when the metal floating thing, with its lights and all its strange arms arose from the foot of the bed.
It swiveled as it approached me. I whimpered in silence while I watched all its spidery arms test the tools they were holding in midair. It took all my might not to scream while it shined its light at the things in my room, turning around until the light pointed at me.
couldn't see it now. It was too bright. But I knew it was there heading straight for me with its sharp tools, meant for use on me. I crushed Teddy. He choked in my ear to stop and I stopped. He was just as scared as I was. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more. They filled with tears of fear and pain from the light. I tugged on Teddy’s tail – the signal that I was about to scream. I knew that if I screamed, the thing would attack, but I had to. I opened my mouth but nothing escaped. I was frozen sitting it bed my mouth open, eyes shut tight, with the light shining through, getting stronger and stronger. The hum of the machine got closer and closer.
Teddy! It took him from me! I groped next to me. I touched my pillow, grabbed it and shot it at the machine.
Still scared to scream, I rolled out of bed, pulling one of my covers with me. The light followed me like a spotlight. The hum grew. I ran for the door holding the blanket like a cape.
“Dylan!” I had just reached the door when I heard Teddy. I looked up at the floating metal thing only to be blinded with the light. “Save yourself!”
I closed my eyes, I took a second to decide.
The sound was so close now. I flung the blanket upwards as hard as I could. As I had hoped it covered the metal humming thing, diming the lights and the sound. The thing spun and swerved in the air throwing shadows of everything in the room in odd directions. I tried to blink away the blindness it gave me, searching for Teddy. I found him on his back with the pillow I through covering him.
“I’m coming, Teddy!” I lunged at the pillow and hugged Teddy tight.
Suddenly the room was flushed with light, and the humming was back. The robot managed to cut the blanket in half with one of its razor-sharp tools. It found us again. I ducked and rolled till I hit the door. I ran through the hall to the living room, regretting running passed the front door. I wished my parents weren’t such deep sleepers.
The robot was nearing, it would have me cornered again, but at least I had Teddy to tell me what to do.
“Look around for something to throw” he whispered.
I grabbed the couch pillows. Tossed them one by one at the machine, who bounced them back at the floor. There was nothing left to throw.
“Throw me.” Teddy said.
“No!” I cried.
“Dylan, it’s the only way! Throw me.” I didn’t have much time. Tears drizzled from me. I flung my Teddy up to the robot and it hit a claw, spinning it, but not much else. I watched Teddy try climbing on top of the metal beast as it closed in on top of me, its claws and needles raking my skin.

I woke up on the floor. It was morning. I could hear the radio and smell pancakes, but I couldn’t move.
“Hey Teddy!” A hand squeezed me hard.

Dylan comes to smirk at me in the window pretty often. No one’s ever going to buy me with that hole in my neck.