Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Really Useless Post (With Pictures!!!!)

Last night was very cold. So was the night before that and the night before that.... This, my friends,  is what winter is like.  But on this particular night it was -20 degrees Celsius, and we were cold. Little did we know that a frozen monster that was creeping inside behind the curtain of out backyard window.
Our windows have pretty bad insulation. It all happened after we had them replaced rather terribly and even through all my parents' complaining they still didn't get them fixed.

As you can see, the window is a little blurry.
And for a better viewing, check out how it looks at night:

Here is the texture of the window:

Here is my dirty, dirty finger pointing to it in case you missed it the first time:

And now if that wasn't creepy enough check out these bubble looking things that formed. This sight literally kept me up at night, so skip it it you have a faint heart! Click image for bigger picture.


Yiish now that thats over with, let me show you some of the more beautiful aspects of this.

Water frozen in the act of flowing inside and flooding the carpet.

And the way this house looks behind it.


So you see, even though this is the sign of bad windows, and it will probably drench our carpet and maybe leek through the floor, it can be worth it to witness something so cool.

Oh and here's a picture of Thor shooting lighting.

Have a coooool day!