Thursday, 21 March 2013


I have at least four drafts for this new post. I have been waiting for a very long time to post something, and it is finally about time I did. For a very long time I've been thinking about what I would say in this new post, and wording it perfectly, trying to figure out how to start it, and I used none of those ways. Nothing like being fresh!

Speaking of fresh...
I have been thinking about doing somthing new for me. Writing short stories has been what I wanted to do, because when I started this blog, I expected people to be bored of a long story that you prolong over a number of posts, so I stayed away from that, and shared a new short story whenever I had one I wanted to share. But you may have noticed I have become very distant from that. That stupid artwork of mine is just faster. I probably should take me a bit longer if I want it to look any good, but I have immense pleasure in looking at whatever I come up with. Because every time I make a new painting, I experiment with new things, and the pictures are like little bits of my genius in a picture...

Last post- no wait- the post before the last post, I told you I'd give you a story about a yellow house, shaped like a droopy cone, which sort of makes it look like a wizard hat. This story was going to be awesome. Awesome because it was going to be quick, funny... But then it became too long. And boring, in my mind.

Now, how would you like to read a full length story, with chapters and everything, like you guys make, and I really enjoy reading?

I'm going to try this, because there've a couple of ideas on my mind that have just been bugging me to a point where I feel like I'm being tortured. I need to write one of these stories. I want to see how far I can go. My record so far is four chapters before getting bored. That was before I realizes I should just write shorter stories.

So what'd'ya think?