Monday, 2 July 2012

A Short Story by Thrust Ominous

Do my eyes decive me? A story? By Thrust Ominous? That wasn't school work? I REAL story? That has an ending? In which- well I'm not going to ask for spoilers, but... You must be joking!
You're not joking? It's amazing? You're getting angry? If I don't stop asking questions and delaying the story you're going to hurt me? And HOW exactly might you do THAT, Oh-Mighty-One?

I Throw a Big Wrench

Voila! I’m done!” Toby exclaimed.

“What are you done?” I asked, putting the laptop on my chair and walking over.

“I thought you’d never ask!” said Toby, bouncing around the small table to show me what he made. The table had nothing on it besides for a sphere of dark-blue glowing light. Cluttered on the floor were piles of pages; Toby’s blueprints and notes.

“What’s that?” I said pointing.

“It’s the, um… I haven’t actually found a name for it yet.”

I eyed him with mock awe. “Alright, but what exactly is it?”

“What does it look like it is?”

“It looks like it might be fun to play with.”

“It would to you, wouldn’t it?”

“It looks like something from space.”

“I swear it isn’t.”

“Is it hot?”

“I definitely hope- No! Don’t touch – and you touched it. Of course you did.”

“It’s metal. Weird. I sort of expected it to be rubbery.” And it was warm.

“You have weird ideas.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Okay,” I said, “it’s a blueberry.”

“But it’s glowing.” Toby stated.

“Blueberries… don’t glow, right. They’re not warm either.”

“It’s warm?!” Toby said, surprised.

“Yeah, why?”

“Well… That’s a bomb. And I think you set it off.”

“Oh.” I said. All of a sudden I didn’t want to hold it anymore.

I set it on the table.

“But that’s fine. This is a special type of bomb. It the one we’re going to use in our next raid.”

“Is it special because it glows?”

“That’s only one of its perks, no it ––”

“Does it explode out blueberries?”

“No” Toby responded in the weird voice he uses when he knows I’m trying to be silly while he’s trying to get through with something. “It explodes heat.”


“Inside this orb of heat. Oh! I know what it’s called! I’ll call it ‘thermal orb’” Toby exclaimed excitedly, smiling. “Oh, right! Inside this thermal orb,” he paused to squeal at the name, look at me and said, “You don’t like it?”

“Oh, um… I love the name! Thermal Orb. I think it’s my favorite name you’ve ever picked for anything! Go on.”

He knew I wasn’t being serious, but he continued, “Inside it there is a pair of generators that create heat and energy together, eventually reaching a total of seven thousand degrees, opening the orb and exploding in an outward radius of one thousand meters.”

“And is this heat supposed to kill people?”

“At seven thousand degrees? It’s supposed to melt them like ice cream, and turn them into gas.”

“And didn’t you say I set it off?”

“Yes, but that’s not a problem now. Only if it gets too hot to touch would it be a problem.”

“Oh,” I said worried, “I think it was a little too hot for me. That’s why I put it down.”

Toby froze, eyes wide. Then he turned on his heel and placed a figure on the circumference.

“Ouch.” He hissed and waved his hand in pain.

“What’s the problem?”

“We have about ten minutes until we’re evaporated.” Toby started to pace. “This isn’t good, no my friend, I definitely would have to say that this is very, very bad. I am going to have to deactivate it.”

“But you can’t touch it!” I said.

“Yes, I know. Now let me concentrate.” Muttering, he sat down in my chair.

“YOW!” Toby rocketed a few feet forward, scattering pieces of my now crushed computer. “Oh, ouch. Oh God. This is bad,” he moaned.

“I can see that! Now what can I do?” I said frantically.

“Gn- Get my wrench from that bag over there, and DON’T THROW IT!” he faced the ball, rubbing his butt.

“Gotcha” I said, I found the bag he pointed to. “Wow, this is heavy. And that is one big wrench.” I flung the bag, and it hit Toby in the legs, he collapsed and fell on his butt.


“OK. Sorry. I forgot! It’s just such a big wrench.”

“Sometimes I wonder why we keep you around here,” Toby muttered as he got to work.

I cleaned up my computer pieces and watched him from my chair with tension as he walked around the orb, obviously oblivious as to what he had to do.

I started to ask what was wrong but he gave me a gesture, and I shut up.

“I- I can’t open it,” he said finally.

I took the liberty to come over. “Why not?”

“Remember how I told you the generators make the heat, and compress it until it reaches one thousand degrees?”

“You said seven thousand.”

“THE GAMES ARE OVER, NOW LISTEN TO ME!! I can’t open the bomb because if I did, it would explode.”

“Okay, so there isn’t, like a red wire and a blue wire thing on this thing.”

Toby’s face tightened and for a second I knew he was going to murder me. “DO WE HAVE TIME TO START SEARCHING THESE PAGES TO FIND OUT?!” gesturing to the floor. Then he said “That’s it! Maybe I can deactivate it from the outside. Or now that I think of it, cool it down! Oh no, wait… that would mean… Yes! I can open it by cracking in from more than one side!” His face in front of me, he looked closely into my eyes. “I’m a genius!”

He got his other wrench himself, he took one wrench in each hand, preparing to strike “Now the only thing we don’t want” he looked up, grinning, “is for it to start flashing.”

With a slow pulse, the Thermal Orb suddenly started flashing white.

Toby sagged, and breathed. He looked up calmly and shouted, “RIGHT NOW! GO RIGHT NOW TO RAYMOND’S ROOM! GO RIGHT NOW AND FIND A BIG METAL BOX AND BRING IT TO ME! RIGHT NOW! GO!”

I hurried away, but then Toby said, “And try not to mention this thing, please.”
"We're going to cover the bomb with it? Why couldn't we do that in the first place?"
"Because Ramond, he doesn't exaclty... know. GO!" He screamed.
 I raised my eyebrows, then couldn’t help grinning as I burst into Raymond’s room. He was standing in front of his chair with a box of thumb tacks in his hand and a rolled up poster behind his back.

“Need a metal box?” Raymond said. “How come?”

“Toby needs it! Now gimme!”

“I know, I heard the shouts. Did he actually build that heat bomb thing I told him not to?” he grinned.

“Yeah!” I said.

WHAT?!” Raymond roared.

“Box! NOW!” I grabbed the box from behind Raymond’s chair. It was heavy, but with it I ran back to Toby, who was watching the bomb, now flashing quicker than you could blink, and slammed the box over the bomb. Toby frantically pushed me aside and slid the box onto the floor and sat on it.


Toby flinched and all our ears popped.

By now, I was sure that Toby’s butt was in need of at least some minor sort of medical help.

He rolled off the box and turned it up. The inside was smoking red hot and must’ve been a centimetre thinner.

In the floor was, to say the least, a very deep hole. It was surrounded with scorch marks.

“Wow.” I said.

“Yes,” said Raymond, behind me, “Why did you make that thing, when I told you twice not to?”

Grunting, Toby stood, “I had to, Raymond. When I asked you if I could make it, I wasn’t actually asking you…”

“You were just telling me in a way I’d appreciate,” Raymond kicked away some papers, “Clean up, Toby”

“Quiet, you! You’re the one who always tells me to work in a clean environment.”

“This… Is not what I meant.”

There was a crack, and Toby breathed “Ow…” from his spot on the arm of my chair.

“Oh, and you should be careful not to sit on my pin-thingies. I put the box on the arm of that chair.”

  Toby stood wobbled for a second and fell over. He lashed out, hitting the arm of the chair bringing the pins on top of him.
I could help but laugh. "Why couldn't we just use the box in the first place?"
Toby looked up weakly,
Raymond smirked, "How embarrassing would it be if I told everybody this, then told you 'I told you so' in front of their faces? Ooh, you would hate that."
"More embarrassing than that poster you were holding earlier?" I chimed in.
"Poster?" Toby's eyes lit up, as Raymond's darkened. With agility that seemed impossible for him to use a moment ago, Toby leaped up and ran to Raymond's room. I followed and Raymond tagged along, grumbling. 


  1. That is so amazing!!!!
    Really witty and funny.
    I love the dynamic between the 3 characters.

    Good job Thrust!

  2. Thanks, Em!! That means a lot!!


    That was so original! Do more of those!

    It was so fresh and new!!!!

  4. This is really cool, I liked it, it's so super fun.