Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pensive: Writting Ideas. (an actual legitimate boring post)

I have been killing myself over the last few weeks set on the idea that I suck. This is false. Yes, I've been thinking that, but I do not suck unless I have to. I get pissed off at myself for thinking it.
The following is my boring view one thing in particular that makes me feel stupid. This is mostly meant for myself, however you may find it encouraging aswell. You may even find it offensive. You may even fall asleep. You're brain may explode. It's all up to you.

I always find myself killing myself over a good idea to write about, because I've always got to write the best story in the world.
I always need something new, something creative. It must be something no one's ever done, and it's gotta be because it was just way too awesome for them to think of. I'd start to rack my brain pushing aside different ideas that are just wisps of vague parts of my life that I am too terrified to mess around with due to my fear of confusing myself. I find my fear is not so much confusing myself as it is more of starting anything I'm worried I won't finish. I find that before I start thinking about what I confuse myself about, I think confusing myself as a rather amusing pastime.

Sometimes I get good ideas I'm too scared to even try answering my questions about. Often I'd get scared that my choices will alter the non existent story that goes along with it. Sometimes I won't bother killing myself over how to make a small secret society of males and females live together without being married and with out getting too out of hand in a way I can't control.

Decisions are one of the hardest things for me to make. It's hilarious. For some reason I feel like I have to have the whole entire story down in my head before I can start writing, before I find  out there has to be a perfect middle.

There's always something that stops me from doing anything. I've come to one solution. Don't stop. It sounds really tough, and I'm gritting my teeth as I write this, because I know it it will be tough, but I'm going to write a story. A real story. Just like my old amazing ones.

Lord Vlaedr, (big fan of your comments, by the way,) you know why my past two stories were so new and fresh, and admitably, humbly awesome? Because I wrote on what was on my mind. Those ideas were a lucky two which I actually liked. They were simple and easy to remember. Not once (I'm lying a bit here) did I have to stop to rack my brain for an answer, because there were almost no answers to give. But I saw I developed the story for myself I invented new things that mattered.

What I'm getting at is your ideas should be written down before you lose them in the incredible mind. Do not worry about details until they present themselves to you.

These are the rules I'd like to be going by for the next new- ahem, uh, one of them- story I put up. If there is one.

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  1. Dude. I work the same way. Every story in my mind HAS to be original, and new, and fresh, and not have once cliche. I HATE writing something that isn't brought to its maximum potential.

    Hey, I got recognized on a blog post! I am seriously happy, for some weird reason. I'm on my way now to go cross that off of my bucket list....