Thursday, 18 October 2012

One Year

On this date in 2011, Thrust Ominous, that would be me, posted his first word on the blog. "hey" was almost all he said on that day. A word that he will carry on in his memory ever since he forced himself to remember for the purpose of this post. Not it was any trouble or anything...

One year. One year since I created a blog. One year since I wrote my first comment, "hey." One year since I've started to meet all you epic people, almost instantly becoming their friend.
This post is for you guys, you deserve much more, but it's the least I can do...
It feels like such a long time ago that I was struggling with writing and posting my first comment. It hurts my brain to think about, and I have been ever since I saw a YouTube video about how each year of your life feels shorter because each one is a percentage out of your life, but that's another story...
When I first commented, I wanted my first comment to be perfect. I thought I may have to struggle to gain your friendship and trust (which still is a bit questionable), if my first comment wasn't absolutely right. By the end of the day I finally found out how to do it, of course before that I took some breaks and had a long enough time to make up a name, and take a Skulduggery picture and fiddle around with it on Photoshop.
 My first comment was "hey" on this date pretty much three hundred and sixty-six days ago.
 A few weeks later I started commenting again. I wasn't so crazy back then, but I was still crazy enough. I was sure I was getting tested ever since I was noticed. But to my utmost surprise, everyone was so accepting of me, and I had felt like I lived on the blog forever. Maybe that's why the year felt so long.
 There is always a smile in the voice of the reader in my head when it reads your comments to me. You're imagination is always so original I have to shake my head in disbelieved amazement.
And when I'm down, and I am often, the blog has become my primary space of refuge. Company, laughs, genius, friends. I used to wonder why we don't get into too many fights. I used to be jealous of people who did because their life seemed more interesting with them. But we help each other out when we're in need, laugh together. We don't even really know each other in much detail, but we know what we have to, and that seems to satisfy everyone. Books, TV shows, and closeness to Ireland are all most of us care about. Oh, and making sure we don't mess with each other.
When anyone is having trouble with life, you're there.
If anyone needs to be cheered up, you're there.
If anyone wants to just be bored, you're there.
There is a place for everyone, over there.
You guys are the best, you confound all people who think that there's cyber bullying every where.
I wish I could share with you a story, dedicated to you, or do something epicly amazing that would blow your mind, but my brain is very forgetful, and if I planned anything like that in the past, the ideas have left me.
Now, in absolutely no particular order here are some of your names so far, and what I remember you by. This is basically stuff you already knew about yourself, so it's probably going to be really boring.
Derek Landy- Your awesomeness. Your replies to questions, and Paffles.
Nixion- Your imagination. Your friendship, and yes, your genius.
Zathract- Your art, amazing stories (even though I haven't read many), and your awesome demeanor, and your rants.
Val V- You are hilarious, random Skulduggery fandom, and the fact that Derek loves you.
Eve- You are probably the most funniest, randomest person on the blog, your rock, and your knowledge of chickens.
Sir- You are hilarious, your sharkness is true to the last row of teeth, you are so brilliant and epic, I can't go through one of your comments without at the very least smiling. Unless what your saying is sad, but it never is.
Kestrel- You are so creative and I love your ideas, especially your stories. *secret fist bump (so that no one can take my arm away THIS time)*
Sparky- You are friends with everyone, and have a great picture of how things work, and so it is reflected in your writing
Kal- Kal, you are so nice, and you have marshmallow guns or something... And I won't forget how we discovered the giraffe pit together.
Lav- I know you're not around much anymore, but I have to let you know for when you were, I enjoyed talking with you..
Star- you are definitely insane, nice and epic. I can't even describe how insane, nice and epic you are, so I will leave it with one word: trains.
Luc- Luc, you are so very strong, keep that hope, and you are so very amazing.
Willow- You are very strong too. You have good friends, and know what's right.
Adra-YOU WROTE A FREAKING MANUSCRIPT!!! You love Doctor Who, and ye are funny.
Vlaedr-You are really extremely nice, and I couldn't have finished that second story of mine if you didn't ask me for more. You have great ideas yourself.
Zaf- You are so cool, I love your love of books and craziness for blowing stuff up.
Lynx/Shad- You are super smart. Your stories are rich with awesomeness, and YOU figured that Thrust2 was my reflection.
Em- Thanks for making us remember. You really, really deserve a lot.
Am I missing anyone? Obviously. Not my fault. I am too forgetful to be guilty.
I hope I didn't hurt anyone in the past, and if I did, I most likely didn't mean it.
Thank you for entertaining me with your insanity. I believe it's healthier than most thing you can do on the internet. You people are good for my health. You've made my year great...
All I want is to keep the giraffe pit. That's a thing now.
A million thank yous from the epitome of my soul.


  1. Aw, thanks for saying that nice stuff! *hugs and takes wallet at the same time*

    You're awesome too! Happy One Year Blogversary!

  2. Yes, my genius is pretty much legendary...

    You be awesome Thrust!

  3. *weird hand gestures* Oh, stahhhhhp!

    Thrust, I can't believe you've been here for a year! A lot of people have Skulduggery pictures for their profile, but I never see yours as a 'Skulduggery picture' because it's's awesome. XD

    And you've pretty much put your signature on 'hey'....YAAAAAAAAAAY CATCHPHRASES!!!!

    I can't celebrate my Blogversary because I don't know what day it was definitely in December though. Or possibly November. Nah. December. Probably.


  4. Naw, thanks, Thrust!

    You're awesome (though you should know that already by now)! Happy Blogversary!

  5. Dude! Happy Blogga-versary!!!!

    You are far too kind; It was you that also inspired ME. I was struggling with the story, and you gave me the motivation. So thank YOU, Mr. Thrust.