Monday, 17 December 2012

An Actual Post That One May Find Suitable to Call an Update-Thingy

Greetings. Today was a very strange day. I was obviously unhinged. I was too happy, too loud, too involving. I barely recognized myself. Much like my writing, nowadays. I have no idea why. I'm sure it had to do with some of the books I read over the past few months, and how I barely had any practice in a while. I read a book called the Messenger. Very good, but the author wrote in broken sentences, which had a good effect, but it affected me like a scar.

I loved that book, The Messenger. The ideas were perfect, I understood the main characters well, perfect characters. Very well developed. It's apparently a famous book, but then again I never heard of it before.

In fact now that I mention it, I have to give it credit for a small detail in the Story of Three, (a story I agreed to write alongside Kestrel and Val V, in case you didn't know. I put up my chapter yesterday. It's terrible, but Kes and Val V begged to differ, so that's how it is).

Anyway, the detail. The letter. I suggested Kes and Val V get a letter from Thrust because of the beautiful story called The Messenger. You're welcome, The Messenger. You ruined my writing but gave me an idea. Not many can do that. I wish you were like normal books and didn't ruin my writing.

If you have time you an check out our story. It's right here:, you have to go all the way down to the first Chapter if you want to read it right. You can skip mine if you want, though. Even though mine is probably the most important to the story so far, it will also probably hurt your brain.

There seem to be so many stories like this online in our little sweet comunity, I really do understand if you can't afford to read any of it. But that's speaking for me. Val and Kes, they're absolutely marvalous writers somehow. Really.

My writing would be terrific if all my wonderful work would somehow make it past my brain. It's hard to imitate my own thoughts, somehow. I guess it's because my mind - used to, at least - be programed to be original in it's own way, taking what I've seen and create something new in some respect. I enjoy writing like that. I suprise myself, making it enjoyable.

Yesterday I was really depressed so I got thrudged through almost all of Kingdom of the Wicked. I'm a slow reader, I suppose. I don't know if it had anything to do with how wonderful I felt all day today. Now. It was truely a different experience.

Okay, before I write a novel here, I'm going to stop musing here.
I really hope you all had a great day, and stuff.


  1. Thanks for saying I'm a great writer, Thrust! *tackles*

    And you're a great writer too! DON'T DENY IT, THRUST.