Monday, 31 December 2012

This Isn't What You Think It Is... Maybe, I don't read thoughts.

Happy New Year, fellows. The day has inevitably arrived. Yes, it is now 2013, not that you need me telling you. In fact, how unoriginal this is of me, making a New Years post. You're probably bored of these already. I'm not, by the way. I haven't read any yet save for Derek's, which was awesome.
Now that I've deleted that totally long ramble on how awesome it actually was, explaining what I found great, I'll have you know that this isn't a New Years post at all.
It's actually just another one of my posts that show off some picture I drew, but this one just so happens to be posted on New Years.
And this is that picture.
Who is the mysterious fellow floating in mid-air? Why is he in a mysterious cave with a weird looking opening? Is he a Necromancer, because it looks like those are shadows being manipulated?
I'm not sure. I just closed my eyes yesterday, lying in bed and I saw this picture. Well, a lot awesomer looking than this, but really, I had to draw it. It was like... Like... That box in "the Button" story. It was a lot like it, anyway.
In case it's hard to see, if you care, this is a picture of some sort of Necromancer, without necromancer clothes, which was kind of a mistake because in my "vision" he had black clothes, I think. The Necromancer is floating in mid-air, and he descended into the cave to get more shadows, because as you can see outside, it's day time. Yes. My artwork has deep, deep uh... Stuff
Happy New Year, all!

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  1. Nice picture....

    Very deep, exactly the word I would use to describe it.