Sunday, 27 January 2013

Waddiawantfromme etc.

I have been busy! Okay?! Stop asking me to come on and spend time with you when I have better things to be doing!
Hmm... This doesn't really apply to anybody that I really know of. . . I think I'm just trying to talk like that other guy, who always starts posts like that. . . and writes really cool books that kind of make up for anything...

But really. I've been having quite a blast doing things. This that would surprise even myself if I had just told me what I'd been doing. But I guess a lot of the time I am the most surprised at random things I would never expect me to do, while everyone else just seems indifferent. Not even a hint of surprise.

As usual, (this is the follow up thing I do to introduce most of the surprising things I do after telling everyone they will, but probably won't be surprised.) Ahem, as usual, I have been thinking. Letting time pass infront of my eyes, waiting for the time to set my plans into action, surprising everyone. As usual, I haven't actually gotten to that yet. I'm a little busy thinking. I can't pass the chance that I might miss something important.

I want to try something. I want to TELL you my plans.


That was unexpected. Even for -. We've been through that, haven't we? Yeah, thought so.

Okay, I'll be honest, when I started this post, I had no idea I was going to say that. Sometimes I just blurt out random things, sorry. I'll try no to let that happen again.

Anyway, back to what I was saying before.

I have been busy. And I have been learning. Teaching myself. How to make this:


Yes. That is the grand thing I have been hiding from you this whole time. A silly song thing. The picture of the black lightning blot wasn't supposed to be part of it. Blogger forced me to make the song into a video, so I thought 'hey, why not put an old picture of how you thought the lightning from the scepter looked? It would be perfect!'
(I made that to envision  the bolt... because I kept getting confused, don't ask how. I made it with Paint.)

  Okay, so the music part was made with an app I'm now addicted to: Garageband. You may have heard of it.
  It's this lovely little app that costs five Canadian dollars, and is meant for producing music but is also impossible to use. Until I found out a whole new way, a way that takes a lot of patience, and a bit of musical knowledge, but is completely worth it in the end.

  By slowly editing each independent note, songs can be perfect, exactly as you want them, without the need of a whole band.

  So this one short, pitiful clip took two days (including breaks), and is only 9 bars. I admit, it isn't supposed to be the best. There's a reason I call this song "Waddiawantfrommethisisthefirstsongiveeverreallymade". I was just showing off (to myself) in the end, which is why it becomes all bumpy and stuff. I just wanted to see if I could do that rising thing, because I had the "Flight of the Order of the Phoenix" song stuck in my head. I realized so many things from this experience, that I think I'll continue making these short things. To keep my head in order.

  Whenever I hear a song now I see notes in Garageband-form in my head. (I don't actually know which notes go to which letters, etc, I just put them somewhere on the imaginary chart thing, and assume where the other ones go as apposed to my random placements.)

   Basically, I learned a lot. That's all I should say without trying to make you understand what I mean. It would help a lot if I understood what I was doing...

  Another thing I have been doing is thinking about writing more. All I do is think. Think. And draw useless pictures. I have developed so many story ideas, I keep adding one every time I try to count them...

  So as I have been thinking, and drawing, I realized I was creating yet another story. So I have decided to finally write that one story, because it was small, and sort-of-simple.

  And incidentally, I don't trust myself to write it. I think I need to force myself. And that having been said, I present to you . . .



  1. Garageband on iPad is impossible to use. I record with it, but I use real instruments and use the program on the iMac because it's so much easier. Nice song though.

    Nice cover too, that's really really good. Looking forward to this story!

  2. I finally got to listen to the video. It's really cool, Thrust!

    Also, the pic reminds me of Legend of Zelda... Link's hat and the glowing orb thingies... Still, I would like to read the story though! You drew the cover really cool!

    I can't draw digitally as good as that.